Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Does Obama reelection means to the world and to me?

As I watched the presidential debates before the election, specific details called my attention to things that are highly influential to the elections. The Foreign Policy Debate was the one that made me reflect the most, and even though I am Republican, and a Romney supporter, I have to admit that Obama's thoughts on this surprised me. Overall, being open minded, in the end, is more important than your political position. The main aspect of the Foreign Policy Debate that called me attention was the fact that even though both Obama and Romney were running to be the president of the United States, they were discussing how to rule the world. 

Anyone who watched the news during the campaigns of both candidates, or read the newspaper, or somehow saw graphs and researches that showed numerical data on the public's response and reaction to the candidates' ideas, saw that around the world, the clear majority wanted Obama, the "free-world president", to win again. While in the United States the percentages were extremely close, and the election was one of the tightest of all times. I believe that what made Obama be the favorited around the world is the same aspect that I agreed with among everything about his campaign: his beliefs and ideas regarding foreign policy. Obama never showed any radical position that wasn't what people wanted to hear. Even though this is part of the Democrats' strategies, I believe Obama represented it very well, and never stood in a radical position on issues. He always tried to favor both sides of the situation, exposing his opinion being always respectful, which gained the support of the world population, and automatically, the leaders of other countries. The reasons why people wanted Obama to win are simple: Romney is easily associated with Bush, his foreign policy works, and the world loves the image of the Obama family.

As I mentioned before, I am a Republican supporter, because of various reasons. If I said I am happy about the fact that Romney lost the elections, it would be a lie. I believe the U.S.A needed someone like Romney now, with experience on business drive U.S.A's economy out of the depths again, and bring back the conservative view that the world needs. However, it doesn't mean anything to me personally, only to my beliefs and my political view. The fact that Obama was reelected makes it clear to me that the Democrats are gaining there place more and more every day.

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