Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time Management

Time Management 
Organization and Goals

Throughout the years in which I have been attending ISC, I have learned that the quality of the work you do at home depends a lot on how well you organize yourself and manage your time in order to prioritize things in the right order and get everything well done on time. As I moved from Middle School to High School, I have learned that prioritizing things in the wrong order, or in another words, procrastinating, is a way of fooling ourselves, but not our superiors, and our teachers will always know, just by reading a certain piece of work done by its student, how much time and effort one has put into it. Organization is not one of my strongest qualities, I have to admit. However, some of the goals I had set to myself and that I've been working on include: getting my materials organized in order to have a clean space to work on at home, annotate everything that has to be done at that day and check it off once I get it done with, always check my schedule in order to prioritize things in the correct order, not to procrastinate (by procrastinate, in this context, I mean finding excuses not to do what I should get done with), and learning to manage my time well.
Generally, I have been accomplishing my goals well enough, however, I recognize that there are still things I need to improve. Some of the things that I have been successful with are managing my time well, and what I did to accomplish it was that before, I would get home around 7pm, sleep until 8pm, take a shower, have dinner, and then I would get started with my homework and studying tasks, which usually would make me get done with everything I had to do after midnight, and I was not having full nights of sleep. What I do now is exactly the same thing I did before, except for the little nap when I get home. Instead, I start my homework earlier so I can get everything done and have a good night sleep as well. 
I believe that technology has a huge responsibility on both helping students get organized with their homework and also taking their attention off the things they should be really doing. I don't really have a problem with getting late with my homework because of social networks, but I have to say, having an Apple mobile device helped me a lot considering organization regarding school. By the beginning of this semester, I found an app called Myhomework, in which you can create folders for all the classes you have, and post reminders for each of the classes, so for example, one day before this post is done, I would received an alert on both my cellphone and my iPad with the assignment, the description of the assignment and the day in which I should turn it in, and this helped me a lot, because now I don't have the problem of forgetting about a certain homework, project, quiz or test.
The main point I have learned throughout the process in which I'm going through, is that I cannot put myself under pressure, because that will get me tired faster and won't help me get done with the things I was supposed to do. Even though I have been accomplishing my goals at the right pace, I believe that there are still things that I need to improve, such as not leaving everything to do at the last minute (such as this blog post which is being written by me at 9h49pm and is supposed to be turned in at midnight), and most important of all, realizing that there is always some things that I can improve, but perfection is not an option.

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